We have pretty different personalities. The funny thing is, it actually works.


Amy Gascon is a performer/comedy producer straight outta Grand Rapids. In addition to Funny Girls, she performs with No Outlet, SALT, and Rapid Delivery Improv troupes and facilitates improv workshops for school and corporate groups. She is a sketch comedy writer and director (Clashtick Christmas, A Grand Lampoon, Sketches that Lived) and co-founded an online comedy hub, Last Retort. Amy is a graduate of the Second City Training Center in Chicago, where she studied improv, sketch-writing, stand up, and acting. She holds a bachelors in Communications from Grand Valley and is currently working on a theatre degree as well as taking classes at iO. Some of her favorite things include succulents, entrepreneurship and summer camp. You can reach her at gasconamy@gmail.com or Taco Bell.


Eirann Betka is a producer, director, performer, writer, improviser, artist, and activist in Grand Rapids. She began Funny Girls after seeing the repugnant lack of support for women in comedy. What started as just a group of ladies getting together to drink wine and laugh, has now become a group of ladies getting together to drink wine and laugh AND get paid for it. When she is not working with Funny Girls, Eirann performs with No Outlet Improv Troupe and produces Comedy Outlet Mondays and Comedy Outlet Underground. She also teaches theater for Grand Rapids Civic Theater and Artists Creating Together, and is Vice President of Dog Story Theater. She doesn't actually sleep, rather draws energy from constantly starting new projects and never finishing anythi

Contact her at director@comedyoutletmondays.com or betkaeir@gmail.com


Kaira Williams is a blogger, comedian, and woman all at the same time. Her self-deprecating and brutally honest approach to comedy is only awkward if you let it be. Her creative process includes drinking vodka until she finds herself funny, then recording bursts of ideas using Voice Recorder on her phone and deleting literally everything in the sober light of day, but her claim to fame is a killer "Minnesota Mom" impression. She posts daily Facebook statuses about ‪#‎fatgirlthings‬ and is turning those into a self-published picture book called #FatGirlThings.
Kaira’s passions include tweeting at boybands, high-pigment matte lipstick, shoes that are inappropriate for her environment, fleeky brows, and encouraging audiences to picture her wearing nothing but granny panties. Her biggest fears are hugs that last too long and literally turning into Rosie O’Donnell.
You can read her blog, support Funny Girls or send her hate mail using the following:
Insta - @KairaJaye
Twitter - @KairaJaye and @WeRFunnyGirls


Megan Elaine is a girl, bartender, comedian, writer, performer, musician, improviser, and Grand Rapids native. Known to come on VERY strong, she became a part of Funny Girls at the beginning, by force. Which correlates to why she's always flexing. Megan loves craft beer and shitty beer and pretty much anything with an ABV. She started doing comedy on YouTube before she met Eirann (who was just starting FG) and then gave up on it, because she fell in love with a bunch of women (gay). Her favorite things include drinking, going to a bar downtown with 6+ Funny Girls to drink and create, drinking on porches, going to cookouts (with beer), and laughing. If Megan could describe herself in ONE word it would be, 'too much'.

Megan loves social media and attention so just go for it

Twitter - @meganelainne

IG - @meganelainne and @werfunnygirls

Snapchat - @megganelaine


Jenna Pope is an instructor at Grand Rapids Civic Theater, resource room teacher, and performer within the Grand Rapids community. Her true passions involve organizing others’ lives, writing extensive Google Docs, and watching as much Netflix as she possibly can in one day. She initially got involved with Funny Girls by sitting in the corner at their rehearsals and laughing at their jokes while also avoiding performing by volunteering to run their tech. She has since come to her senses (and also gotten braver) and has come to love collaborating and actively performing with these wonderful ladies. You can contact her with any organizational needs (or literally anything else) at pope1jm@gmail.com.


Lis Hatfield is the shortest Funny Girl and therefore most likely to be the one finding low outlets for the projector and dropped contact lenses. When she's not lowering the average height of the group, she is improvising, acting, singing, and finding other ways to reject the norms of adulthood. Lis has been with Funny Girls since the beginning and loves bringing the stories of these strong, hilarious women to life on stage. She is also the Assistant Director of Civic Theatre's Rapid Delivery Improv, and a member of SALT Improv and No Outlet Improv Troupe. Her training includes Second City Chicago, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, and currently io Chicago. You can also find her performing in sketch shows (A Claschtick Christmas, The Sketches that Lived 1 and 2) or doing weird things online for comedy facebook page Last Retort. Lis also enjoys spreadsheets, over-thinking, singing at inappropriate times and cats. So many cats.


Kristin Hirsch is a lover of things, which include but are not limited to salty snacks, Gin and improv. She got her start in improv in California, studying at ComedySportz San Jose, before moving back to her hometown of Grand Rapids. She joined Funny Girls at its inception and has never looked back or been more entertained. She is enjoying diving more into sketches, both writing and performing, although still finds memorizing lines difficult when she's so used to saying whatever weirdness comes to her mind. In addition to Funny Girls she can be seen performing with her other comedy love, No Outlet Improv Troupe. She's been told her whole life that her humor is "dry" which might be better than "wet" because that sounds messy.


Angelika Lee is an over-thinking, ever-evolving lover of comedy and curiosity. As a professional in strategic communications, her passions lie in building connections, growing networks and fostering diversity. She is involved with the Greater Grand Rapids Racial Equity Network (GGRREN) and is currently developing a workshop on the power of narrative in reaching racial equity. An inspired feminist and self-proclaimed "over-thinking white girl", Angelika is a classic big-talker, dawdler, question-asker, and apologizer. She loves Chicago dive bars/karaoke—and has been known to rock some Sara Bareilles anthems, "Endless Love" with her gay-bae Jonny, or a Drunk Disney version of Ariel's "Part of Your World." You can watch Angelika learn to play through improv, sketch, stand-up and even straight up giggling with Funny Girls ... and in everyday life when you see her out hanging with her grandma or shopping at Spirit Dreams. Catch her on Twitter @overthinking_wg and on IG @angimichelle. Funny girls (aka smart girls), come play with us!


Amanda Stevenson is a beer-loving, book-reading journalist with an eye for grammer mistaeks. She was once the vice president of her high school drama club, thank-you-very-much, which means she's CLASSICALLY TRAINED, GUYS. When she's not being a bummer at bars/parties by updating friends about current events, she's doing it to her Twitter followers. She also writes a blog, but you probably don't want to read it. (All of it can be found by googling '4mandastevenson'.) In the meantime, she's just here to tell jokes and chew bubblegum, and she's all out of...oh, wait, she just found a pack, never mind.


Rachel Gleason received the highest honor in the comedy world when she was voted class clown in the senior mock elections at Hudsonville High School in 2005 and hasn't looked back since. She has been a spoken word poet, singer/songwriter, and activist in Grand Rapids for the last several years. In those roles, she really knows how to dig into the feels and get people thinking (and sometimes crying). Encouraged by her best good pal Eirann, she joined Funny Girls in order to express the much lighter and goofier side of herself as a performer. She can be seen on the Funny Girls stage acting in sketches and performing stand up and singing ridiculously rewritten 90's jams. She co-hosts the wildly popular open mic "The Drunken Retort" at Stella's lounge every Monday and tries her best to be a good role model when facilitating assemblies and workshops in area schools with the poetry collective The Diatribe. She is also the author of a memoir about growing up in a fundamentalist Christian cult. It's hilarious.