If you’re reading this, you’ve been curious enough about Funny Girls to click on a link. Or maybe you fell asleep at work and did that thing where your elbow slips off the desk, and you overcorrected and hit the keyboard in the exact sequence that brought you to our website. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. Please read on as we lay out our story. Unsolicited as it may be.

What is Funny Girls? In its purest form, it’s literally just a group of women who find each other and ourselves funny. In September of 2015, way back in the olden days before Kylie Jenner was on our lips and before there was an orange man-baby elected to the highest office, a few Grand Rapids ladies realized they felt alone in the comedy-desert of our city. Knowing there were funny ladies out there, they decided to meet once a week to collaborate and make each other laugh while simultaneously creating more boob-room in this city’s comedy scene.


As the weeks turned to months, and because Facebook exists, word started to spread and the group started to grow (like SNL’s Election-Parody Youtube views). We realized that we have strength in numbers. We have variety in numbers. We have a lot of ladies PMSing at the same time in numbers. We got busy writing sketches and getting to know each other. Some of us may have just gotten busy. I didn’t ask. We performed mostly at Comedy Outlet Mondays at Dog Story Theater (affectionately known as COM...you know, like the major of most college athletes) but have added appearances at venues that serve alcohol, including our very own space, where we make the rules, The Fuse Box. So if a nice vodka/tonic is what it takes to get you out and about, we’ve got you covered. And have already had two.


We’ve managed to gather a group of some of the most comedically talented women in Grand Rapids and the possibilities seem endless. We have marketing gurus, video wizards, graphic designers, long-form writers, poets, singers, musicians, improv experts, snarky stand-up comics and that one really Type A personality we wouldn’t be able to function without. We have evolved from working together once a week to choosing to hang out together whenever we can. Because we’ve found our people. And people outside the group might get mad at us for stopping the conversation every five minutes to say “that would make a great sketch”. From the outside, that seems insufferable. We understand.


There are big plans for the future. Plans that involve more of the beautiful Grand Rapids community and then the world. And possibly a formal attire photo shoot for no reason. Because this group and this website are a nice excuse to blatantly exercise our millennial narcissism. In short, women have a place in comedy. An important place. A place filled with boobs and faces and sometimes double chins but always filled with laughter. So come see us do comedy. Get to know us. Send us messages. Follow us on social media. Laugh. Get a drink with us. Pretend we’re not drinking way too much with us. It’ll be a gas.